Frequently Asked Questions

How is UN-CUFFED different from other brands in the similar areas?

  • We are here to dispel the myth that custom made high quality garments come at a higher cost. We are bringing professionalism to this segment and making high quality suits affordable for our customers.
  • Convenience of a simple 3 step process – measurement, trial & delivery – all take place at your doorstep or your preferred location.
  • Cost Benefit: We have our own workshop with no physical store, zero inventory and direct interaction with fabric distributors, which saves us cost. These cost savings are then passed onto you as huge savings.

What is the difference between Off the Rack, Made to Measure and Bespoke Suits?

  • Off the Rack Suits –  These suits are factory made in finished condition and in standard sizes. Of the three types ready to wear has the least control.
  • Made To Measure – Made-to-measure is essentially pre-made suit shapes that are altered based on your preferences and measurements.  It has little control over the process.
  • Bespoke Suits – Bespoke tailoring is a completely hand-crafted process from start to finish and the suit is made only for you according to your measurements. Bespoke clothing offers you a full control over the process.

How much will the Uncuffed Suits cost?

Our initial pricing starts at INR 14000/- for the complete Uncuffed Experience for wool blend suits.  The price range varies depending on the fabric that you choose.

How can I pay you?

We accept cash, credit/debit cards or you can also transfer online.

How long does it take to have a bespoke suit made from Uncuffed ?

Our end-to-end service takes 14 days for the entire Uncuffed experience (Order – Trial – Delivery) with uncompromising quality, attention to detail & an impeccable fit.

Can I rush it? What’s the fastest you can do?

Depending on your requirements and availability of the fabric, we may be able to deliver the suit in 4-5 days.

Not sure which fabric to choose and what to wear? Will I get assistance?

Absolutely.  Our stylists and master visit your place to assist you in making the right selection of fabric, designs and styles. A good fitting suit needs accurate measurement, assessment of your occasion, the right colour for your personal style and most importantly a Trial and Fitting session before the finishing.

We provide all this plus suit accessories at your place, at your convenience.

Do you guys also specialise in customised shirts & trousers?


I’m interested in building a full wardrobe or placing a large order. Can I speak with someone about putting together a whole new wardrobe for me?

Absolutely. Please fill up the Contact Us form with your requirements and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Can I customize the suit details, such as changing pocket or lapel styles?

Sure. We can accommodate your needs and preferences. We look forward to working closely with you to develop your personal style and wardrobe

Do you have a showroom where I can come see the products in person?

We currently operate exclusively online.

What fabrics do you offer?

We have tied up with English and Italian mills to offer you an amazing array of fabrics. We offer 100% wool fabrics – Super 110’s to 180’s as well as poly wool fabrics, velvet and linen ( 40 lea to 100 lea ).

Can women order?

Yes. We offer UN-Cuffed experience to women & children (above 8 years) .

Can I gift a suit to a friend?

Absolutely. You can book an appointment on behalf of your friend and leave the details in the comments section.

Do you offer a corporate tailoring service?

Uncuffed provides crisp, made to fit uniforms for all your employees. What we pride ourselves on – an amazing array of fabrics, personalised logos, uber styles and a great fit to match your brand.

Do you keep my information for future orders?

Yes. We do store your measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your future orders.

Further help?

For further help or assistance on any aspect of our business, please email us to or